Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week Five

The first time I ever heard Gnarles Barkley was with their hit (and unbearably overplayed) song Crazy. The next time I heard CeeLo was this year with his solo song "Fuck You", and I heard DJ Danger Mouse in his amazing and controversial mash-up album "The Gray Album". To me it seemed that all that Gnarles Barkley had to offer was crazy, but then this year I was browsing my local public library and found the album The Odd Couple. This album is covers everything from Motown to Funk to R&B to blues to indescribable. CeeLo's trademark voice is able to not just sooth or rejoice, but span all of the emotions anyone could possibly feel. I would say that my favorite song on this album is Run, but this album is another one that needs at least one full afternoon dedicated to it. It's amazing. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen Kaplan

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