Friday, December 16, 2011

Song Of The Day

Whether you're already on break, or just about to be, this title covers everyone's sentiment this time of year. Hope you have a raging time tonight, lose your face and such.

Fuck School - Avicii & Nicky Romero

Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Song Of The Day

Alright, so this is for tomorrow cause it's the last day of finals for us at Boulder High. Also shout out to my buddy  Noah, he's about to "Roll Out" of high school tomorrow. Bringing us to the song of the day.

Roll Out - Ludacris

Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Song Of The Day

It's Whomp Wednesday, so I'm gonna go ahead and show you one of my favorite Dubstep tracks of late. It's by the incredible Flux Pavillion and is wicked. This song starts off with a tribute to the roots, that real Ragga Dub type stuff that I personally loves, but drops into a more modern sound.

Excuse Me - Flux Pavillion

Hope you enjoy,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Appalacia Waltz

Hey there music fans I hope you've had a solid breakfast cause this weeks album is outrageous.

When you put three of the greatest instrumentalists alive together in a recording studio you're bound to get something good, but when Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Marc O'Connor got together in 1996 they produced an album that not only crossed genres effortlessly, but also is one of the greatest examples of musicianship and musical conversation ever. They spent three days in the recording studio and recorded 16 tracks, here are some of my favorites.
Chief Sitting In The Rain
Druid Fluid
Appalachia Waltz
I could go on, but I would end up listing the whole album (which is really hard to find on youtube) so I'm going to stop there. Seriously, this album is amazing, buy it. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen.

Oh, a little P.S. Ma and Meyer just released an album with Stuart Duncan and Chris Thile called Goat Rodeo Sessions here's a track from it It's awesome.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song Of The Day

I love Indie Rock. It's pleasant you know? Gets me through the day. This guy is great, his name is King Charles and he is indeed regal.

Love Lust - King Charles

Hope you enjoy

PS, be on the look out for an actual album review coming up...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song Of The Day

I'm embarrassed to admit that I just recently found Phil Ade, but more than that I'm happy I found him. Simple beats, great lyrics, everything I need in a hip hop track.

Always There - Phil Ade

Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song Of The Day

This guy is super awesome. His name is Tuba Fats and he plays Tuba, that's all you need to know.

Over In Gloryland - Tuba Fats

Hope it makes you as happy as it makes me

Friday, November 18, 2011

Song Of The Day

Nothing wakes up the party animal in me better than Franz Ferdinand. And today's a big day, so this one's for all of you that are going to get rowdy tonight.

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Song Of The Day

Good morning. I thought it was Friday when I woke up this morning, so I'm gonna keep the vibe going. The song of the day comes from Gentleman and is sweet. Check it.

Caan Hold Us Down - Gentleman Ft. Barrington Levy and Daddy Rings

Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Song Of The Day

Just got back from my jazz band concert. It was rad. Here's the song of the day.

Chameleon - Herbie Hancock

Hope you enjoy

Monday, November 14, 2011

Song Of The Day

Today was a weird day. So I'm gonna try to lighten it up with some funky shit. It doesn't matter that these guys are rapping in Hebrew, all that matters is that it's awesome. So, here's today's song.

Lazuz - Hadag Nachash

Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Song Of The Day

I know, the days almost over. But this song will make up for it being late. Reggae, Jazz, Dub, Funk it's all here.
Dub Revolution - See-I
Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Song Of The Day

I have a good feeling about today. It'll be fun. Here's why.
Today's song is from the band NORTHPILOT. Check it out

NORTHPILOT - Maps and Dragons
This is one of my favorite songs recently.
Hope you enjoy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Song Of The Day

Oy vey, what a day. I hate Mondays, but I love Hip Hop (nice segue no?) Today's track comes to you out of the streets of Boulder with rappers Synk-Na-Rise and Ace Beyond. This is a preview off of the much awaited mixtape Lost and Found. Alright, here it is.

Ace Beyond and Synk-Na-Rise - Check Check

Shout out to my man Pash, keep doing your thing!

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Song Of The Day

The song of the day is...
It's super haunting. Mr. Gnome is awesome, the duo flirts with the line between esoteric and heavy rock and roll perfectly. Sort of like, if CocoRosie got together with System.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Really Awesome Songs

So I realized yesterday that I know these songs that not many other people would know, and they're so awesome, so this week I'm putting together a list of 10 of them. Some of these will be terrible, by the way, but just trust me, they're still awesome. Alright let's go.

Song 1. Cocaine - Abner Jay This song is turrible. But actually, this is the greatest intro to a song ever, and the song's pretty cool too. If you don't like folk, then just deal with it.

Song 2. Go To The Mardi Gras - Professor Longhair to class. Professor Longhair is gonna teach you what it's all about. Everything about this song is cool. And that whistling at the beginning is so impressive.

Song 3. Turbo - New Kids ft Paul Elstak RAGE RAGE RAGE! That's all.

Song 4. Come Together (Omega Dubstep Remix) - The Beatles it's really awesome. Even if you don't like Dubstep you can appreciate how cool this is.

Song 5. Existance - Excision This was the song of this last summer. My friend and I went to target and put this in one of their sound systems and called it dubstep-terrorism. This is complete filth.

Song 6. True Fuschnick - Fu-Schnickens Mind Blowing.

Song 7. Fuck Da Government (Feat. Bruza) - Bashy This is Grime music. It's amazing. This is off of his mixtape Ur Mum Vol. 1

Song 8. Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra  what a guy.

Song 9. To The Beach - Jon and Roy really chill tune.

Song 10. God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash this song is chilling.

That's all for now. Hope you like them. Leave feedback in the comments if you want, maybe suggestions for the next post. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artist Of The Week

When I'm working in the recording studio there's only one band that gets me and my partner in crime, Lee, through the long nights, and that's the dynamic duo formed by Lil' Fame and Billy Danze hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York and goes by the name of Mash Out Posse, or M.O.P. This is some raw, hard core, unchecked, aggressive hip hop, and it's beautiful. These are probably the two angriest human beings that have ever lived, it's amazing that they recorded for 10 years plus with out either of them having a heart attack. So, with out further ado, I give you M.O.P.

Track 1. Ante Up This is M.O.P.'s most famous song. If this doesn't pump you up, you should probably make sure you have a pulse. When I'm an old man I won't need Viagra, I'll just put on this song.

Track 2. Cold As Ice the song that they sampled for the chorus is awful, but as with all terrible songs from the 80's, if you speed it up and add a funky bass line it immediately becomes a banger. Also, later in the song they say "FUCK YOU, TELL ME SOMETHING NEW!' to the sample. that's thug.

Track 3. How About Some Hardcore simple enough, they like it raw.

Track 4. Rugged Neva Smoove another bangin track, but all of them are.

Track 5. Clak Clak

Well, those are all of the ones that i'm gonna put up, but seriously, all of they're music is amazing for everything from full contact knitting to hard core basketball. Hope you enjoyed. Keep on expanding your knowledge and listening to music. Stephen

Friday, September 23, 2011

Song Of The Day

It's Friday, and just as I said in my journal from kindergarten that I found, "Fridays are fundayz!". This particular funday is a funky kind of one, so here's a matching song.

Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara by Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans off the album Afrobeat Airways.

Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I've been asked to do a post about my favorite jazz songs. I'm going to limit myself to 13 songs, hopefully covering my favorite genres. I play violin in my school's top jazz band and I'm hopefully auditioning for all state jazz, so I really love this stuff.

Song 1. Minor Swing - Stephane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt I can't say enough about this song. Hot Club is by far my favorite kind of jazz, maybe just because Grappelli is my god. But regardless how can you not love it?

Song 2. Giant Steps - John Coltrane John Coltrane. John Coltrane. John Col-motherfucking-trane. That's all that needs to be said about this. and that the video is super cool.

Song 3. St. James Infirmary - Louis Armstrong Get ready to see a lot of Louis. I love this song too. This is where I live in jazz, this and swing.

Song 4. Take The A Train - Duke Ellington Now this is a cat that swung. I would be scared to take that train because it would swing too much. (sorry, that was a bad joke...)

Song 5. Something's Gotta Give - Ella Fitzgerald I found out how amazing Ella Fitz is on a plane ride by myself this summer. I listened to her for 6 or 7 hours. Gotta love that voice.

Song 6. So What - Miles Davis & John Coltrane This is Cool.

Song 7. Oyimbo - Femi Kuti Ok, so technically this is Afro-beat, but what ever, it's awesome. Femi is the great Fela Kuti's son and he rocks just as hard as his dad.

Song 8. Chameleon - Herbie Hancock We played this song in Jazz band this year and it may be the funkiest thing I've ever played. The build up takes a while but stay with it. It's amazing.

Song 9. Basin Street Blues - Louis Armstrong Pops man, he could blow. I also really love this song. He's playing it slower than I've ever heard anyone play it but it's amazing.

Song 10. Take Five - Dave Brubeck The coolest thing about this song in my opinion is that it's in 5/4 time, which makes the solo even more impressive. If you don't know what 5/4 time is, look it up...

Song 11. Manha de Carnival - Luiz Bonfa I'm not sure who this performer is, but it's a good job of this song.

Song 12. Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club I almost completely forgot about latin jazz. Here's the classic cuban jazz group Buena Vista Social Club doing what they do best.

Song 13. Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway If you like swing as much as me this should get you. Also, the video's super tripy.

That's all for now. I have to go practice. Leave me comments for more genres or post suggestions. Alright, keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Song Of The Day

On this day 15 years ago, Tupac Amaru Shakur was killed. Today's song goes out to the memory of the greatest rapper of all time.
 Today's song is How Long Will They Mourn Me by 2pac.
We're still mourning.
Stephen Kaplan

Monday, September 12, 2011

Song Of The Day

It's monday, and usually I'm down on Mondays, but today's a funky day. So with out further ado i give you Give Up The Funk (Tear the roof off this mother sucka)
May the funk be with you.
Stephen Kaplan

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Song Of The Day

Today's song is dedicated to all of the people who lost family or friends on this day 10 years ago.
Rest In Peace
Stephen Kaplan

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Weeks Album

Well, it's Saturday, which means it's time for a new album.
 Recently I've gotten very into Afrobeat. I love the horn section, and the funky rhythms but more than anything what I love about Afrobeat is the layers of groove that work perfectly. One of my favorite artists in Afrobeat is this weeks album artist, Fanga. I don't know much about them other that they're a funky bunch of dudes who released the album Natural Juice with some of my favorite Afrobeat songs on it.
My first favorite song on the album is the first song on the album, Crache La Douleur (Feat. Tony Allen) listen to that brass section and you'll know why.
After that is Kononi (Feat. Kady Diara) this is a chiller song than crache la douleur, but it's still awesome. The other amazing thing is the flow that this album has. All of the songs lead into the other, so it's really nice to just put on and chill out to.
Ok, I'll give you one more song off the album, Iba is pretty sweet too, but actually, this is an album to be listened to the whole way through.

Alright, that's all for today, make sure to check in tomorrow for the song of the day. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen Kaplan

Friday, September 9, 2011

Song Of The Day

Here's a new segment that I'm gonna do. Album of the week will still be around but this is something little and extra. I hope you enjoy.

Well, it's Friday, and that means it's time for party music. That leaves room for a lot of different stuff, but the song for today is gonna be some Euro-pop. Allez Olla Ole by french euro-pop artist Jesse Matador is perfect for Friday. It's catchy, it moves fast with a driving bass and it's just happy music. Hope you enjoy, and come back tomorrow for this weeks album. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Songs That Are Stuck In My Head

Hey all, I've missed a couple of installments, so, this morning I'm doing just a few songs for you. These are songs that I've heard recently and have been stuck in my head.

I. Them Belly Full- Bob Marley I heard this song sampled in Messengers by J. Period and K'naan, they used this as a beat. It's a really cool song.

II. The Gardner- The Tallest Man On Earth I'm pretty sure this song's about killing people and lying, but it's really pretty and I really like it.

III. Lemonade- Coco Rosie A really haunting song. It takes a while to get used to her voice, but when I first heard this song I listened to it on repeat about 5 times.

IV. Wash Away- Joe Purdy A really pretty tune, it was on lost, but I heard it for the first time by Joe Purdy at Mile High Music Fest.

V. When The Saints Go Marching In- James Brown FUNK.FUNK.FUNK. Gotta have that funk. It doesn't get much better than this.

VI. Exhibit C- Jay Electronica A truly sensational young lyricist, Jay Electronica does some really cool word play in this song.

VII. Oyimbo (live)- Femi Kuti Fela's son Femi Kuti does some awesome Afro beat here, I love the horn section, awesome groove, and he starts out the song singing do re mi fa and so on. Cool stuff.

That's all for today, I have to go to school. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week One (Starting Over)

Hey guys, I'm back. I was gone this summer and so the posting stopped, maybe you noticed, whatever... Anyways, I'm back now and this year I'm going to actually try to do an album every week (hopefully I'll be posting on Saturdays). So here it goes. When most people hear "dub" they immediately think dubstep, well there is such thing as dub music and it's amazing. I was first introduced to dub when a friend showed me Aswad's Dub Fire This isn't about that though, this is about another dub group called the Easy Star All Stars who put out the album Dub Side of the Moon. Released in 2003 Dub Side is a dub version of Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon. The really cool thing about Dub Side is that it is pretty true to the original while managing to really change it. For instance take money, it starts with an odd sound not found in Pink Floyd's version, but then it goes directly into the original, only to be remixed into dub, here it is Money is probably my favorite track, but not by much. Time, and Speak To Me/ Breath, are also really cool. But when it comes down to it the whole album is amazing, and just like the original, the best way to listen to it is all the way through. That's all for this week. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chill Out Playlist

Hey, I don't know about you, but I love chilling out. This playlist is going to be almost exclusively acid jazz, ambient, chillstep and other chill electronica. This is the music I listen while studying or writing, it's also great background music.

Track 1: Home VIP by Dubba Johnny (I recently found this song, it's pretty chill over all)

Track 2:  Ave Maria by Paul Schwartz (I think that this is my favorite version of the classic Ave Maria, even beats the Pavarotti version in my opinion)

Track 3: Richest Man In Babylon by Thievery Corporation (Thievery is my favorite acid jazz, ambient group by far. So good.)

Track 4: Bulgarian Interlude by Don Peyote & Marcell Cellier (I got this off of an album called Chill Out In Paris, definitely worth checking out if you like this kind of music)

Track 5: On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz (Gorillaz, amazing. That is all)

Track 6: Dil Cheez by Bally Sagoo (I love Indian music anyways, but this is so sweet)

Track 7: Blossom From India by Ginkgo Garden (More stuff like the one above.)

Track 8: Morenito (Bossa Mix ft. Clementine) by Stephane Pompougnac (A mix of bossa nova and ambient. Really relaxing)

Track 9: Nawal Al Zoghbi by El Layali (It's an old song, but this is a new take on it.)

Track 10: Cay's Crays by Fat Freddys Drop (I love dub. It's incredible and Fat Freddys may be my favorite dub group. So great)

That's all folks. I hope you like this one, I sure do. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hardstyle Playlist

To me, there are two sides of the summer vibe, the chill side, and the party side. So far I've only done the chill side so this playlist will be the beginning of the party playlist. I don't know much about electronika because I just recently started listening to it, so for this one I got my buddy Alan to help me out. Oh, Alan's a DJ, check out his soundcloud, but in a little bit, he's working on it. I'll post a link later on. Get hype. Anyways, this is the party playlist and it's gonna be all hardstyle so if you're not a fan this isn't for you, but you should still check it out.

Track 1: Technoboy by The Undersound feat. MC Ruffian (We're gonna start off a little slow and then build up. This song is pretty solid hardstyle.)

Track 2: Rockin Ur Mind by D-Block & S-te-fan (I really can't say much so I'm just gonna say the artist and song and link to youtube now...)

Track 3: In And Out by Wildstylez

Track 4: Just Don't Care by The Prophet

Track 5: The Way That I Ride by Coone

Track 6: Reveal Our Existence (Da Tweekaz GTFO remix) by Sebulba

Track 7: Gimmie Love by Noisecontrollers

Track 8: Irreplaceable by Zatox

Track 9: Segarra by Norin & Rad

Track 10: A New Today by Endymion & Art of Fighters

That's it for this one. I'll put up another one later on today so check it out. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Hip Hop Playlist

My playlist yesterday got over  100 views, that's a record for me, thanks guys. As I promised some of you yesterday, today I'm doing a hip hop only summertime playlist. I hope you enjoy this one. I think tomorrow I'll make an electronika playlist if the views stay up like they have been. So, with out further adieu, here we go.

Track 1: Sunshine by Atmosphere (Of course this is on here, this IS the summer hip hop song. Rivaled by none, it's perfection)

Track 2: Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg (With Snoop's west coast flow with the Dr. Dre beat this song was destined to be chill, it's truly a classic)

Track 3: Ms. Jackson by OutKast (OutKast is amazing, Andre 3000 is amazing, this is amazing)

Track 4: Daydreamin' by Lupe Fiasco (I love Lupe Fiasco, I hate Lasers, but I love Food and Liquor and The Cool. This is hip hop)

Track 5: Ghetto Gospel by Tupac Shakur (I decided to only use one of Pac's songs, so I chose this one, but they're all incredible)

Track 6: G Code by Geto Boyz (Such a good song, also, there's totally a midget rapper in this group, how can you beat that?)

Track 7: My Block by Scarface (I love the piano riff, a homage to his block, it's both a good look and a bad one. Real nice)

Track 8: Today Was A Good Day by Ice Cube (Is this really the same guy that is in Are We There Yet? He's come a long way. Great song though)

Track 9: Nuthin' But A G Thang by Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the rest of Death Row throws down on this song, off of one of the chillest rap albums of all time, The Chronic by Dr. Dre)

Track 10: Road To Zion by Damian Marley ft. Nas (Nas and Bob's son Damian make the song that honestly sums up all of my beliefs, this song is perfect.)

That's it for this one. Keep checking in, I'll post more stuff. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week... Um, Fuck It... Summer

Hey guys, I know it's been forever since I did one of these but I've been really busy with second semester junior year and lacrosse and stuff. Anyways, it's summer here in Boulder, and so instead of doing an album I'm gonna make a play list for all you cool cats out there to get your groove on, so let's boogy. This is gonna be called Summer 2011 playlist, super original right? Here we go.

Track 1: To The Beach by the Canadian band Jon and Roy (this song is so chill and about beaches, how could it not be on here?)

Track 2: Wash Away by Joe Purdy (Joe Purdy is a lot like Jon and Roy with the simplicity of guitar and vocals. This song was on Lost, that's why you recognize it)

Track 3: Dub Fire by Aswad (This is the song that introduced me to the Dub movement, possibly the chillest music in the world. This is a bass heavy song so if you don't have good speakers get some.)

Track 4: Sun Is Shining by Lee "Scratch" Perry (Originally a Bob Marley song, but I personally like this version more)

Track 5: Another Noon by Jon and Roy (Going back to Jon and Roy because they're awesome and this song is perfect. just listen to the drum, so chill)

Track 6: Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show (Truly a summer time classic. Wagon Wheel is one of those songs that every one knows and can sing along too, if you can't, you should learn. Great bon fire music.)

Track 7: Seven Days In Sunny June by Jamiroquai (I usually put this on playlists as a joke, but it's actually a really nice, relaxing song)

Track 8: ChChChillin by DKap (Huge SHOUT OUT to my boy Daniel Kaplan. This is off of his first of many albums so chill)

Track 9: Sunrise by Nora Jones (The most soothing voices around, Nora Jones is incredible)

Track 10: New Soul by Yael Naim (Another summer classic)

That's it for this playlist. Keep on checking in, I'm sure I'll have some more playlists coming up for you. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week Eight

Hey all, hope you had a great spring break, and if you haven't had it yet i wish you the best for yours. I was talking to my friend about metal today and told him that Toxicity by System Of The Down was my favorite album. Then i thought about it and realized i haven't done a metal album on here yet so here it is. Probably my favorite part of System is their harmonies, they're eerie, but still really beautiful. The lyrics are poignant in a lot of the songs, they talk about politics (such as Prison Song) relationships, life and have a couple funny songs. Their songs are mostly melodic, so even people who don't really dig the screaming part of metal can get into it. My favorite songs off of this album are Aerials , Prison Song and their number one hit Chop Suey but really you can't go wrong with any of the songs. Toxicity was released by American Recordings in 2001. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week Seven

When it comes to freestyle rapping there is a pretty obvious king, Big L. Although a lot of his lyrics are misogynistic and homophobic he's incredible. Big L is classic East Coast Gangsta, he's from Harlem from the 90s and you can hear it in everything that he does. His debut album Lifestylez Of Da Poor & Dangerous is a gritty, angry and intense album with minimalistic beats and dirty rhythm. The control that he shows over his flow is amazing, seamlessly transitioning from a slow tempo to a fast section, and his word play is incredible. My favorite song off of the album would have to be Put It On, which is a song that my friends and I rap all of the time, it's awesome. Also off of it is the murder song All Black, which I also really like. Anyways, a song of his that isn't on this album is 98 freestyle but you should check out all of his stuff. He's probably the most under rated rappers of all time. This album was released in 1995 by Columbia Records. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week Six (Sort Of... Sorry)

Hey all, it's been a long time since I last posted, but I hope you'll forget that and just go along with it. This week my album is Blue Collar by a rapper from Chicago named Rhymefest. Not many people know who Rhymefest is, so it can give you some major hip hop credit knowing him. Blue Collar contains some funny tracks, but also a lot of social commentary and songs addressing some really heavy stuff. It also has collaborations with major artists such as Kanye West (whose song "Jesus Walks" was actually co-written by Rhymefest) Wu Tang Clan's Old Dirty Bastard, and Citizen Cope. Rhymefest likes to tell stories with his songs which means that most of his lyrics are perfectly understandable, unlike a lot of rappers who some people have a hard time understanding. He doesn't overwhelm you with beats, but really makes you focus on the words. My 2 favorite songs are Bullet Feat. Citizen Cope and Sister, which isn't on youtube, so get the album, it's incredible. Blue Collar was put out by J Records in 2006. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week Five

The first time I ever heard Gnarles Barkley was with their hit (and unbearably overplayed) song Crazy. The next time I heard CeeLo was this year with his solo song "Fuck You", and I heard DJ Danger Mouse in his amazing and controversial mash-up album "The Gray Album". To me it seemed that all that Gnarles Barkley had to offer was crazy, but then this year I was browsing my local public library and found the album The Odd Couple. This album is covers everything from Motown to Funk to R&B to blues to indescribable. CeeLo's trademark voice is able to not just sooth or rejoice, but span all of the emotions anyone could possibly feel. I would say that my favorite song on this album is Run, but this album is another one that needs at least one full afternoon dedicated to it. It's amazing. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen Kaplan

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week Four

Hey all, I'm back from break and here with another great album. I hope you had an eventful new year, and to all you Christians, i wish you a late merry Christmas. With the potent combination of M.F. DOOM's smooth yet educated flow and Madlib's extraordinary beat production, you're almost guaranteed an incredible album, but incredible doesn't quite do the album Madvillainy justice. This album, released in 2004 by Stone's Throw Records my be the best put together album I've ever listened to. Every song flow's perfectly into the next, and DOOM keeps on rapping in his trademarked unrelenting yet still relaxed way. The most well known song off of it I would say is All Caps (which also has one of the greatest beats ever created and the music video is so cool), but I don't think that I could name my favorite song because they all just go perfectly together. You should really just get  the entire album and let it play one afternoon and listen to the whole thing through, it's a great experience.Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen Kaplan