Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week One (Starting Over)

Hey guys, I'm back. I was gone this summer and so the posting stopped, maybe you noticed, whatever... Anyways, I'm back now and this year I'm going to actually try to do an album every week (hopefully I'll be posting on Saturdays). So here it goes. When most people hear "dub" they immediately think dubstep, well there is such thing as dub music and it's amazing. I was first introduced to dub when a friend showed me Aswad's Dub Fire This isn't about that though, this is about another dub group called the Easy Star All Stars who put out the album Dub Side of the Moon. Released in 2003 Dub Side is a dub version of Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon. The really cool thing about Dub Side is that it is pretty true to the original while managing to really change it. For instance take money, it starts with an odd sound not found in Pink Floyd's version, but then it goes directly into the original, only to be remixed into dub, here it is Money is probably my favorite track, but not by much. Time, and Speak To Me/ Breath, are also really cool. But when it comes down to it the whole album is amazing, and just like the original, the best way to listen to it is all the way through. That's all for this week. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen


  1. this is cool! I like it stephen

  2. pretty sick


  3. my cat keeps me awake and its fucking annoying