Sunday, November 27, 2011

Appalacia Waltz

Hey there music fans I hope you've had a solid breakfast cause this weeks album is outrageous.

When you put three of the greatest instrumentalists alive together in a recording studio you're bound to get something good, but when Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Marc O'Connor got together in 1996 they produced an album that not only crossed genres effortlessly, but also is one of the greatest examples of musicianship and musical conversation ever. They spent three days in the recording studio and recorded 16 tracks, here are some of my favorites.
Chief Sitting In The Rain
Druid Fluid
Appalachia Waltz
I could go on, but I would end up listing the whole album (which is really hard to find on youtube) so I'm going to stop there. Seriously, this album is amazing, buy it. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen.

Oh, a little P.S. Ma and Meyer just released an album with Stuart Duncan and Chris Thile called Goat Rodeo Sessions here's a track from it It's awesome.

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