Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week One

Who doesn't like Bossa Nova? A soft jazz guitar with a cool voice singing in Portuguese and a sax solo every now and then through out the songs? I think that it may be the most relaxing music around, only after music that is solely for meditation. Well this week I have for you an album that can serve as background music, meditative music, or just some thing that will just calm you down and chill you out. It's Getz/Gilberto by Saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian Guitarist Joao Gilberto with occasional vocals from Astrud Gilberto. With Getz's cool sound and Gilberto's astoundingly smooth voice and guitar it is perfect for chilling. The album was released in 1964 by Verve Records and is about 40 minutes long. My favorite track is The Girl From Ipanema which has Astrud singing on it. You can find it on youtube, here's a link to The Girl From Ipanema Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen Kaplan

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