Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week Two

When it comes to local bands (boulder area) i don't know many, but my friend Chad showed me this one band and ever since  then I've been hooked. Orange Free State is incredible. With powerful lyrics hidden under catchy melodies and chill guitar and piano they have a winning combination that creates an awesome sound. The cool thing about them is that they're local (I went to middle school with Hein and Vian) and they're on itunes. Also, they play a lot of benefit shows. I actually bought both of their albums, rather than file sharing, that's how much I like these guys. Of their two albums, Brighter Days Coming is my favorite, but not by much, and mostly because it has more material on it. With their song that could easily be a single, Was It You? and also probably my favorite On The Short Waves which I can't find a link for, so you should just buy the album and support these guys, their great. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge, Stephen.

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