Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week Eight

Hey all, hope you had a great spring break, and if you haven't had it yet i wish you the best for yours. I was talking to my friend about metal today and told him that Toxicity by System Of The Down was my favorite album. Then i thought about it and realized i haven't done a metal album on here yet so here it is. Probably my favorite part of System is their harmonies, they're eerie, but still really beautiful. The lyrics are poignant in a lot of the songs, they talk about politics (such as Prison Song) relationships, life and have a couple funny songs. Their songs are mostly melodic, so even people who don't really dig the screaming part of metal can get into it. My favorite songs off of this album are Aerials , Prison Song and their number one hit Chop Suey but really you can't go wrong with any of the songs. Toxicity was released by American Recordings in 2001. Keep on listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

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