Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week Seven

When it comes to freestyle rapping there is a pretty obvious king, Big L. Although a lot of his lyrics are misogynistic and homophobic he's incredible. Big L is classic East Coast Gangsta, he's from Harlem from the 90s and you can hear it in everything that he does. His debut album Lifestylez Of Da Poor & Dangerous is a gritty, angry and intense album with minimalistic beats and dirty rhythm. The control that he shows over his flow is amazing, seamlessly transitioning from a slow tempo to a fast section, and his word play is incredible. My favorite song off of the album would have to be Put It On, which is a song that my friends and I rap all of the time, it's awesome. Also off of it is the murder song All Black, which I also really like. Anyways, a song of his that isn't on this album is 98 freestyle but you should check out all of his stuff. He's probably the most under rated rappers of all time. This album was released in 1995 by Columbia Records. Keep listening to music and expanding your knowledge. Stephen

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  1. Also R.I.P. Nate Dogg. You'll always be in the hearts of the true HEADZ